Honorable Order of the Blue Goose, Int'l

Welcome to the Virginia Pond!

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Blue Goose... is an internationl fraternal organization for individuals who work in the insurance related industry.  It was founded in 1906 on the principles of character, charity and fellowship.  Membership is generally available to all professionals in the insurance community, including adjusters, agents, brokers, investigators, contractors, appraisers, attorneys, engineers, and a host of others.  Our meetings and events provide opportunities to meet fellow insurance professionals in a relaxed social setting, as well as to be involved with worthwhile charitable endeavors. 

In Virginia, Blue Goose meets regularly in Richmond (Virginia Pond), Norfolk (Tidewater Puddle) and Northern Virginia (NoVA Puddle).

Please consider attending one of our meetings or events!

Virginia Pond:

Tidewater Puddle:

NoVA Puddle: